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As promised you can now get a free copy of


on Amazon. The gratis period lasts for four days from today until Monday. Clicking on the image will take you straight to Clicking on the image in the sidebar will take you to

I am hoping to get a paper version off the ground soon, but Amazon doesn’t do free promotions for those. So if you’re interested in reading this, now is the time to download it. You don’t need a Kindle for that. You can download a version from Amazon to read it on your computer. I managed to do that some time ago, so it can’t be terribly difficult. If you do decide to read it, please drop me a line to tell me what you think.

Here’s the blurb (is it called a blurb when it’s an electronic version?):
In a country dominated by a war that has lasted for decades, all Duncan Harding ever wanted was a quiet life, running the garrison that has been commissioned to his family for generations. But his aspirations came to a sudden end when he was expelled from the Military Academy seven years ago. Now he is unexpectedly given the chance to return – for a price. Seventeen-year-old Taiko Camlyn is the heir apparent to the leadership of his home country, and the Academy’s newest recruit. Spying on the youth should be a piece of cake for a man like Duncan. But Taiko turns out to be far removed from Duncan's expectations and his assignment proves to be more insidious than he ever imagined. Caught in a tangled web of deceit and emotions he could never have anticipated, Duncan has to make decisions that will change his life forever.


PS: I mentioned on Goodreads. How cool is that? I can’t stop smiling.


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